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NEW: Why you’ll love Scamp & Dude activewear

Our new activewear collection is here to make sure you’re as comfortable at spin class as you are on your well-deserved rest days. Here’s why you’ll love our collection.

Comfort, No Sweat
Our slouchy burnout tees, gym vests and zip-through tops are all made of cutting-edge fabric to wick away any and every sweat patch fast, keeping you dry, comfortable and focused. Running late or running marathons, you’re all good.

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Squat-Proof Moves
If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare of see-through leggings on a crowded gym floor (an anonymous member of Team Scamp & Dude remarks her PT running over to cover her up with a jacket), you’ll know the importance of squat-proof materials. Good thing we designed ours to be like secure, and supportive. Thank us later.

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Superpowered Design
Our tops are made with EcoVero, which is an alternative to regular viscose, with a reduced environmental footprint. We added waist-cinching, bum-lifting magic to our high and wide waistband leggings, that also ensure a snug fit for support.

Not Just for the Gym
We wanted our activewear to be something you can wear outside of your class timetables. That means coffee catchups, the school’s always up to you.

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Prints that Perform
Leopard print activewear that gets the job done. Workout clothes don’t have to be plain, or boring (unless you like it that way – that's completely fine). But our collection makes sure our distinctive leopard print isn’t just for our day-to-night wardrobe – it's everywhere.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or the school drop off, our activewear was made to boost your moves, one squat, sprint and stretch at a time. Ready to get going? Shop here.