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Kindness, Superpowered

They say it’s the little things that bring us joy, so why not continue spreading that kindness to brighten someone’s day a bit more?

Random acts of kindness day

At Scamp & Dude, we’re all about giving back. That’s why, this Random Acts of Kindness Day 2023, we’ve joined forces with the amazing folks at Smart Works to spread a bit of our super kindness around. Snap up any full-price dress today, whether you’re popping into our store or hitting ‘add to basket’ online, and we'll match it by donating one.

“We believe in the power of clothes and coaching to transform a woman’s confidence. Our service is carefully designed, with kindness and respect at the heart of everything we do. It is about much more than the clothes she is gifted: it is about what the clothes allow each woman to become. When she looks in the mirror, she begins to see hope and possibility for a better future.”

They’ve helped 35,000 women in 11 centres across the UK to date, providing them with a bespoke dressing consultation and a one-to-one coaching session with an expert interview coach.

An incredible 69% of the women they help land a job within a month. The support doesn’t end there. Once they’ve got the job, they’re invited back for a Second Dressing to pick out a working wardrobe that’ll see them through to their first paycheque. True superheroes, indeed.

Want to dive deeper into the incredible work Smart Works do? Head here.