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Super Scarf Mission poem by Donna Ashworth

It is more, much more, than a scarf.
It’s sisterhood, a reminder of those,
who would gather, if they could.
A cool hand on a warm forehead,
a healing hug, a chaser of dread.
It’s a vibrant reminder of future possibilities,
a beacon of hope, a safety rope.
It’s more than a scarf.
It is friendship, solidarity,
a glimmer of light bringing clarity.
Support when support is vital
and a promise of all this life entitles.
It is the wrapping of courage around your heart,
when courage is hard to come by.
It is the love, it is the why.
This superpower-infused garment
we give, brings strength to try, again.
And if it could speak, it would surely say,
on we go, together… we will face what comes our way.
No matter how intense the track,
look around, we are here, be held,
we’ve got your back.
Donna Ashworth