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Scamp & Dude x Sara Davies: 1 Super Scarf, 4 (Super) Ways

As much as we love winter, sometimes the need for warmth meets the need for speed. Whether it’s a sudden chill post-school drop-off, or an unexpected arctic wind from your office AC, there’s one trusty accessory you’re going to need - the Sara Davies Super Scarf. We’ve put together four swift and simple ways to wear it.

Coffee Run Cardi

1. Take the ends of the short side of your scarf. Tie them in a knot. Tip: Double knot it for a more secure hold.
2. You’ll have one arm loop so far. Repeat this step on the other side.
3. Put your arms through both loops and voila - you’ve got an instant cardigan.

Sara Davies Super Scarf worn as a cardigan
Beat the Commuter’s Chill

1. Fold your Super Scarf in half lengthways, creating a loop.
2. Wrap it around your neck.
3. Pull the loose ends through the loop - wear it as loose/tight as you want.

Sara Davies Super Scarf Beat the commuters chill

Post-Gym/Supermarket/School Dash

1. Grab your scarf, drape it around your neck so it hangs loose by your sides.
2. Take one side, loop it around your neck comfortably.
3. Loosen the loop, fluff your hair - and there you have it. A new PB.

Sara Davies Post Gym/Supermarket Dash

Dinner Date Glam

1. Wrap your scarf around both shoulders.
2. Throw one side over a shoulder - just like a shawl.
3. Find some dramatic sunnies.
4. Look up the menu beforehand. And you’re done.

Sara Davies Super Scarf Shawl

Not only does it promise to brighten your day with its vibrant purple and pink snow leopard print and playful pom-pom trim, but it’ll also make a huge difference in someone else’s too. For every Super Scarf sold, we donate another to a woman with cancer. Let's make sure she knows we’ve got her back. Join our #SuperScarfMission today and shop the Super Scarf here.