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Superhero Sleep Buddies

For every Superhero Sleep Buddy sold, we donate another to a child who has lost a parent, or who is seriously ill themselves.

As our founder Jo was recovering from brain surgery, she missed her kids, and wished for something to comfort them while she was in hospital. That’s how Superhero Sleep Buddies were born. Cuddly comforters with a pocket on the back to hold a photo of your child’s special person to watch over them, even when they’re apart.

And now, our crew of Superhero Sleep Buddies has grown with 'Bandit' the cat and 'Ziggy' the dog.

Through customer nominations, hospital partners, and Young Lives with Cancer, we've donated over 5,500 Sleep Buddies to children who've really needed that extra support (and cuddle!).


Introducing Scamp, Dude, Bandit and Ziggy

Dude loves to be the leader of the pack - and bossing Scamp about when they play games together. What do dinosaurs eat? Hot dogs, of course!

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If animal-Olympics were a sport, Scamp would be a triple gold medal winner - with Dude cheering her on. A lover of cuddles, she adores her bed and makes the perfect sleep companion. Zzz.

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You'll find Bandit in the great outdoors, playing endless games of laser tag with his friend, Ziggy. In the evening, he likes nothing more than snuggling up with a warm frothy mug of milk.

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This super dog loves a pile of syrup-soaked pancakes and zooming around the park. A fun-loving champ, Ziggy is always by your side - often with Bandit in tow.

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You buy one, we donate one.