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"I designed these scarves with the aim of wrapping the wearer in a superpower-infused hug and to know we have managed to help over 48,000 women so far is amazing.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has purchased a scarf, it really does mean so much to the women who receive one."

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Bowel cancer survivor and doctor, Dr Anisha went through two abdominal surgeries, a stoma surgery and subsequent reversal surgery and gruelling chemotherapy treatment.

Dr Anisha knew when she was in recovery, she wanted to do two things: raise awareness for cancer and bowel cancer; and use her platform to champion the cause through campaigning and speaking about her life after cancer.


Marie was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in September 2022. as someone who suffered from regular cysts, Marie was used to checking her breasts regularly.

While her cancer was caught quickly, and the nature of the cancer wasn't hormonal - so not as aggreseeive as some other cancers - it was growing quickly so treatment started in October last year with an operation due in April and radiotheraphy treatment expected in May.


Carly was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at just 37 years old. Cancer was something Carly was sadly familiar with, with a family history of breast cancer in her mother and grandmother and ovarian cancer with her half-sister.

Because of this exposure, Carly has been a huge voice in the community, using her platform to raise even more awareness since her recovery two years ago.