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Superhero Sleep Buddies

Meet the pocket-sized sidekicks to our Superhero Sleep Buddies.

Small yet mighty, these plushy pals were made to carry everywhere - perfect for hugs on-the-go, especially during hard times. All you have to do is place a photo of someone they'd like to hold close into the Pocket Sleep Buddy cape for an extra dose of superpowered comfort.

For every Pocket Superhero Sleep Buddy sold, we donate £5 to Child Bereavement UK.


Introducing Buffy, Lizzo, Coco and Sussy

Meet Buffy the Bunny: the tiniest and wisest superhero. Everyday, you’ll find her writing the Superhero Daily newspaper, watching the telly, playing a challenging game of chess, and taking a well-deserved nap. Her secret to staying strong? Her favourite meal, medium-rare carrots with her special seasoning and ketchup (she’s a perfectionist, and never eats without them!). Together, with her best friends Sussy the Kitten and Scamp the Super Bunny, they make quite the unstoppable trio.

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Lizzo the Lizard, to the rescue. While she may have her lazy days and slow living, Lizzo’s chilled out while best pals Dude the Dino and Coco the Puppy bring the party. She’s always distracted, with a taste for snacking on chocolate and crickets, and her hide and seek skills are out of this world. Lizzo's daily agenda? Grazing on her favourite food, and kicking back on her rock. Simple.

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Oh hey, Coco the Puppy - also known as, the world’s fastest globe-trotting pup who races around the world daily and makes it back in time for breakfast. Wild (in a fun way) and full of energy, Coco’s tag game is legendary, and she loves delicious fish. With best buddies Lizzo the Lizard and Ziggy the Dog, she’s on a mission to cheer everyone up and make every day a tail-wagging-good day. Except for her little flatulence problem… whoops!

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Sussy the Kitten is a little bundle of mischief, who's always up to something. He’s a true burger lover - but only without cheese. In his spare time, Sussy climbs anything and everything, and plays Pokémon. With his best friends Buffy the Bunny and Bandit the Super Cat, Sussy’s got the whole world to explore. Psst - want to know a secret? His biggest fear is litter trays.

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For every pocket sleep buddy sold, £5 is donated to Child Bereavement UK