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Feel Good Jeans

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Denim Details

It's all in the detail…we have worked hard to create some unique detailing on our jeans; from the Superpower Button on the pockets to the lightning bolt stitch detailing on the back pockets, all designed and positioned specially to give maximum perky bottom effect.

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Colour me happy

Our ultimate feel-good edit. It's time to dress up and have fun with fashion, spreading the good vibes and joy with bright colour clashes and vibrant prints. Including new knitwear, ready to wear dresses and of course stylish loungewear. A new collection of jeans will also be available in March.

Super Scarves

Not just vibrant, soft and super stylish. For every scarf sold, we donate the other to a woman being treated for cancer in hospital or the mother of a child being treated for cancer. We send them to our hospital partners so the nurses can give out to those who really need a Superhero to have their back. Thank you for helping us to spread superpowers far and wide.

Superhero Sleep Buddies

Did you know that for every Superhero Sleep Buddy sold, we donate another to a child in need? Designed to help kids with separation anxiety, for every Superhero Sleep Buddy sold, we donate another to a child who has lost a parent, or who is seriously ill themselves.

We are a fashion brand with a big heart!