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Colourful Knitwear


Made from a super soft wool blend. It's time to dress up and have fun with fashion, spreading the good vibes and joy with bright colour clashes and vibrant prints.

Our collection includes bright colourful knitwear with our neon pink embroidered lightning bolt on the arm. In striking vibrant designs, we offer leopard print jumpers, colourful jumpers, lightning bolt knitted jumpers and colourful cardigans that will suit any occasion. Our animal print cardigans are perfect for layering over our maxi dresses.

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Looking after your Colourful Knit Jumpers

To keep your knits in tip top condition, we would advise using a wool or gentle cycle with a delicate spin only. If you don’t have a gentle or wool cycle on your washing machine, we would recommend hand washing only. Due to the wool content in this knit, you may see fuzzy little balls forming called pilling. This is a natural occurrence in more luxurious, high-quality yarns like wool and cashmere. These can be tackled with a pilling comb or de-bobbler.