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5 Top Tips to Boost your Spring Feeling

Ah, spring. From the rejuvenating warmth of long-awaited sunshine, to the sheer joy of longer days and fresh, blooming flowers. Need some inspiration? Here are five quintessential ways to boost your spring spirits and embrace the season.

1. Start with a styling update. Replace heavy layers with fresh denim and light bomber jackets. Drape a sweatshirt around your shoulders. Show some leg. Rediscover your love for colour, and prints – leopard print is huge right now and we’re here for it.

2. Picnic away before World Picnic Day. It might not be until June 18th, but the time couldn’t be more perfect to start celebrating. Pack a blanket, a basket of snacks, some toys for the kids (or the dogs!) and don’t forget your sunnies for the first al fresco get-together of the season.

3. Plant something. Anything. Whether it's a flower, a new herb garden, or a resilient succulent for those who fear commitment. One small step for spring, is a giant leap for plant-kind.

4. Spring Fling: Paints & Prosecco. We’ve teamed up with Pimp Up Your Plants for an evening of pot painting, prosecco, and the first chance to shop our new spring collection in all three of our stores! Get your ticket here.

5. Get active. There’s never been a better time for fresh air. Why not hire a bicycle, and start with some early morning rides? Whether it’s down your local street or a through a nearby green open space, there’s nothing better than feeling the cool breeze on your face. Plus, you have the perfect excuse to splash on new activewear.

Shed those chunky knits and layers; breathe some fresh air into your life - and your wardrobe with our new collection, of course...