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Freddie's Story

Who better to kick off our brand-new sharing space, than Scamp & Dude Superhero, Freddie.

Knowing that our superpower-infused clothes helped boost this little boy to walk unaided was an incredible moment – and we’re so excited to share Freddie’s story as the first diary entry on Scamp & Dude Diaries.

If you’ve been part of the Scamp & Dude community for a while, you’ll remember this little Superhero Freddie. His Mum tagged me in a video of him pressing his Superpower Button to go on an unaided walk (he has cerebral palsy), which was a very special moment for me. This was back in 2017/18 when I was exhausted and overwhelmed running the brand on my own; seeing our Superpower Button doing what it was designed to do and helping Freddie feel full of strength and courage was a huge moment. I went to meet Freddie and his mum and we became friends, visiting us at our old Highgate shop and then coming to the opening of our Marlow store. An amazing boy and an amazing mum and very important members of this amazing Scamp & Dude community.