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Elle's Story

My introduction to Scamp & Dude was a pink sweatshirt and swag bag, perfect for the new mum I was in 2016! I wore my sweatshirt throughout my second pregnancy in 2019. I have several photos and happy memories of wearing it while carrying our daughter. Sadly, that is where the happy memories end. I look at those photos now, of a carefree soon to be mummy of two, and no longer recognise her.

On 8th August 2019, at 40 + 3, I woke up and couldn’t feel my daughter kicking. After a scan my partner and I were told “I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat.” I gave birth to our perfect, beautiful baby girl two days later.

We spent two days with Giorgia, infusing her with enough love to last a lifetime. A lifetime she no longer had. My world turned dark when Giorgia died. I detested my body because it had failed to keep my daughter safe, so had no interest in wearing anything to make it look nice.

Three months after Giorgia died, we got her post mortem results. I woke that morning and reached for my S&D sweatshirt because I remembered the lightning bolt and its superpowers. I needed those to get through the appointment, which told us her death was unexplained.

Shortly after, I opened an email from Scamp & Dude and, remembering how the superpowers had helped me get through that appointment, found myself ordering a jumpsuit, the first new thing I’d bought in a long time. When I tried it on and pressed the superpower button, I felt the fog began to lift a tiny bit. I got another sweatshirt for Christmas 2019, and then…Covid! I wore those sweatshirts a lot during lockdown!

I became pregnant again towards the end of 2020, and pregnancy after loss was terrifying. Again my sweatshirts saw me through - I needed their superpowers more than ever over the following 38 weeks. I lived hour to hour, holding my breath, and finally, on 3rd August 2021 we welcomed our third child and second son, Malo, and I felt I could breathe again.

I struggled with my body afterwards. I was so angry with it for failing Giorgia, but so grateful that it had kept Malo safe. I was bigger than I had ever been, and didn’t feel comfortable in any of my clothes. When I saw a friend wearing the black and pink star midi, I realised S&D had evolved while I was elsewhere. I took the plunge and ordered the black snow leopard midi - when I tried it on I felt happy with my reflection for the first time in a long time! I have since built up a wardrobe of beautiful S&D clothes that fit, flatter and make me feel good. On difficult days, wearing S&D really gives me the superpowered boost I need, as does the amazing duders Facebook group. Thank you Jo for developing more than just a brand, for creating a community 💗