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Metallic tote bags


Introducing our metallic tote bags with a large lightning bolt detail on the front and contrast neon lining. All designs include a handy matching detachable zip purse with gunmetal zip and popper fastening to attach to the shoulder straps.

Not just amazingly stylish, it's the perfect practical every day hold-all, roomy enough for a laptop, folders, books, make-up bag and all your essentials.

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Available in silver, rose gold, metallic turquoise and metallic pink.

Our Metallic tote bag range is infused with kindness and superpowers, being more than just a fashion brand, for every superhero sleep buddy that we sell, we donate another to any child who has lost a parent or who is seriously ill themselves. The brand slogan ‘a Superhero has my back’ reminds kids that there is always someone watching over them and the ‘Lightning Bolt Superpower Button’ is always featured on our garments to give those who wear them that burst of superpowers.