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Leopard Print T-Shirt

Leopard Print T-Shirt

Crew neck T-shirts in super soft viscose or super soft organic cotton, with leopard and lightning bolt prints in stunning colours.

So simple and easy to wear, you will wear again and again. Perfect for everyday with jeans, or tucked into shorts or a skirt for a relaxed look.

Perfect to pop on if you need a bit of a pick me up, breezy and light with the feminine detail at the shoulder making it great to wear casually with jeans and shorts or dressed up for summer evenings.

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The Scamp and Dude brand started life focused simply on children’s fashion, however, since its inception, the womenswear part of the business has seen substantial growth and this now makes up 80% of the entire collection.

After a traumatic stay in hospital undergoing brain surgery, Jo Tutchener-Sharp took what could have been a devastating situation for her children’s future and turned it all around to make sure she gave something back for others in the same situation. Scamp and Dude was launched when Jo was away from her children for this long period of time. Our brand was created to help children feel more secure when they are apart from their loved ones.

Our Leopard print t-shirt range is infused with kindness and superpowers, we’re more than just a fashion brand, for every superhero sleep buddy that we sell, we donate another to any child who has lost a parent or who is seriously ill themselves.

Our brand slogan ‘a Superhero has my back’ is there to remind kids that there is always someone watching over them and the ‘Lightning Bolt Superpower Button’ is always featured on our Leopard Print t-shirts so to give those who wear them that burst of superpower.

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