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Nikki's Story

I first found Scamp and Dude after my amazing husband was killed in a collision whilst out cycling in January 2022. That Sunday, he went out to ride as usual, and never returned home, leaving me and our two young daughters. Life seemed unbearable.

A friend of mine liked wearing Scamp and Dude and I admired the brightness of the clothes and the wonderful ethos. We view my husband as our superhero, especially as he donated his organs to save others. He is the superhero who has our backs. My girls love this idea and also the superpower buttons which they can press when they need a little boost. We were lucky enough to be gifted 2 Scamp buddies for them, and they go everywhere!

Clothes can't make it all better but they can certainly cheer you up a little. I was never one for treating myself but my husband always nagged me to, so now I do and it makes me smile!

Nikki and her daughter receiving a medal in honour of organ donation.