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Joanna's Story

I happened across Scamp & Dude during the pandemic. I'd lost my mother, my best friend and my main confidante to pancreatic cancer in 2018, 3 months after losing my grandmother too. 2019 was a horrendous period of family fall outs and solicitors and I was praying 2020 would be my year. I started the year with severe bereavement related anxiety and depression, which was causing my hair to fall out. At the end of January 2020 I found out I was pregnant after 3 years of trying and a matter of weeks away from organising an appointment with a fertility clinic. I was so excited about my pregnancy and sharing the time with my family, and then the pandemic hit and travel bans were enforced. I went to all the scans on my own, found out my baby's gender on my own and had to go through labour until I was in advanced stage on my own. After my darling daughter was born, by the time she was 9 days old we were back in local lockdown and I was alone with her. No groups were running and not being from this area originally meant that I was completely alone. I needed some colour in my life and I remember seeing the blue with red star dress on someone and I HAD to find out where it was from. That was the beginning of my Scamp and Dude tale and the brand holds a special place in my heart, not only because of the support it gives women going through cancer, but also because it's a brand that's been with me since the birth of my little girl who'll be 3 next month. I always get complimented when I wear any of my S&D clothes and always try and spread the ethos behind the brand. The brand spreads joy wherever it goes.