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Jo's Story

In December 2021, an MRI scan showed I had a 9.5cm benign tumour on my brain. I’d been having really bad headaches and other symptoms for 6 months so I know something was wrong but I wasn’t prepared for that. Thankfully, it wasn’t cancer but I still had to have a procedure as the pressure on my brain and optic nerves was putting me in danger of going blind.

The surgery didn’t go to plan, I suffered a brain haemorrhage and I had an emergency craniotomy. My surgeon didn’t know if I would be able to see, walk, talk when I woke up. Thankfully, after learning how to write, use a knife and fork, cook a dinner again, I made a full recovery, albeit I now have epilepsy. I was in hospital for 10 days, unable to see my 5 year old daughter as Covid restrictions were still in place. It was such a difficult, confusing and worrying time for her, for all of us. It was so close to Christmas too and I missed her school Nativity play when she played Mary. I wish I knew about the Sleep Buddy then.

While I was recovering at home, a friend of mine visited wearing a beautiful, brightly coloured, leopard print dress - just my cup of tea. “It’s Scamp & Dude” she said. I loved it and checked out your website. When I read ‘Our Story’ I burst into tears, taken aback by how similar our stories were. I placed a large order and have been wearing S&D ever since! Due to my epilepsy I can no longer drive, so I work from home wearing the uber comfy Slouchy Joggers day in day out (smart blouse on top for Zoom calls!). The Utility Jacket is probably my favourite piece, great on the school run as well as going out, I have had compliments from strangers wearing it, asking where it’s from! And I just love the Maxi Skirt (thank you for the pockets!) which is great for going from summer to autumn, I’ll be wearing it with a jumper in a month or so. The Super Scarves are super soft, the sweatshirts, the sunglasses, the bags, I could go on!

Thank you Jo and the team, for bringing to life the most cheerful, wearable, flattering and stylish clothes, there has been nothing like it on the market until you came along. I have always loved classy leopard prints, lightning bolts (love a nod to David Bowie) and stars and you have amazingly brought them to life in a fab clothing range. You have cheered up my wardrobe and me no end, thank you!

Love from (another) Jo x

PS I have shared a photo of the pictures my daughter drew for me after my op, she knew how much I loved lightning bolts and stars, you can see why S&D is just right for me!