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Emma's Story

When I discovered Scamp & Dude in 2017 I was a single mum without much money. I loved the bright colours and the leopard print, but honestly felt like I could never find the confidence to wear something that felt so ‘out there’ to me at the time.

I’d left an abusive marriage two years before, and was really struggling to pick the pieces of myself and my daughter up. The abuse continued, as is usually the case, and I had terribly low self-esteem. I had a good job but buried myself in black or dark colours with a hint of leopard print, but Scamp & Dude kept calling to me!

I was lucky enough to have some counselling with a local domestic abuse charity which really helped my self-esteem, and in time I met my now husband who bought me my first piece of Scamp & Dude - a black and white T-shirt, but definitely a start!

My Mum died very suddenly at the end of 2019, and being quickly followed by lockdown I was suffering again. I took the plunge and bought a grey and blue leopard print sweatshirt in the sale, and it made me feel so good that I bought a hoodie, and then another sweatshirt. I’d never felt good in dresses but I bought a red leopard print dress, and somehow I now have ten plus Scamp & Dude dresses in the brightest of colours and I feel amazing in every single one!

I felt completely lost after my divorce, I’d been emotionally beaten down and Scamp & Dude has been an important part of finding who I am now. I’ve made some amazing friends through the community and it even played a part in inspiring me to start my own business, which involves giving back to that domestic abuse charity that enabled me to access counselling and helped me when I needed it most. This is something I would never thought of doing had it not been for Scamp & Dude and all the amazing charity work they do.

I honestly don’t know what I would wear if the brand didn’t exist, not a day goes by now where Scamp & Dude isn't the mainstay of my outfit - I’m selling all of my other clothes as I just don’t wear them! Thank you again, Emma.