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Lightning Bolt Dresses

Lightning Bolt Dresses


Our new & vibrant statement lightning bolt dresses. These come in a range of colours including black and white, blue and pink and green and pink. These midi dresses have a style for every woman and every occasion.

Lightning Bolt Clothing

Easy and stylish dresses are more essential than ever. They all look great whether you want to be dressed up or dressed down and will make you feel and look good whatever your mood or whatever the occasion. This is real feel-good fashion. Famous for its superpower infused leopard and lightning bolt loungewear and vibrant designs, Scamp & Dude is a British purpose led fashion brand with a huge heart, created by Jo Tutchener-Sharp.

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Scamp & Dude began life with a focus on kids’ fashion, since then the womenswear division of the business has seen amazing growth which means it now makes up 80% of the entire collection. Our styles have been worn by such celebrities as Billie Piper, Liv Tyler, Fearne Cotton, Laura Whitmore and Emma Willis.

Our brand was launched in 2016 after founder Jo spent a lengthy stay in hospital meaning she was away from her children for a long period of time. After going through brain surgery, Jo took what could have been a devastating situation for her children’s future and turned it all around to make sure she gave something back for others who may be in the same situation. A brand was created that helps children feel more secure when they are apart from their loved ones.

Our Lightning bolt dress range is infused with kindness and superpowers, we’re more than just a fashion brand, for every superhero sleep buddy that we sell, we donate another to any child who has lost a parent or who is seriously ill themselves.

Our brand slogan ‘a Superhero has my back’ we hope will remind kids that there is always someone watching over them and the ‘Lightning Bolt Superpower Button’ is always featured on our garments so to give those who wear them that burst of superpower.

Scamp & Dude is associated with some major global brands including Superga, Cowshed and Elemis. Jo has received various awards since she started back in 2016 that celebrate not only our stand out, bold and vibrant designs, but her business acumen. She has not only won ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ from HELLO magazine but most recently ‘Female Business Owner of the year 2019’ from The British Business Awards.

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