Kind and Courageous Creatures

A/W18 is all about teaching children the importance of being kind and courageous.

Kindness and courage are at the heart of Scamp & Dude. Giving kids strength and confidence, and looking out for others is what we do best.

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The superpower infused clothing line provides kids with Superhero confidence when on the move. The slogan on the back reminds children that a Superhero has their back and the neon pink superpower button embroidered on the sleeve provides them with a burst of power when they need it most.


Swag Bags with Purpose

We’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry to create a limited edition collection of Swag Bags to raise money for some very special charities. Sali Hughes, Sam Chapman, Caroline Hirons, Ruth Crilly and Ruby Hammer have helped design this limited edition collection, with all profits going to a collection of charities with a special place in each of their hearts: Sarcoma UK, Diabetes UK, The Genesis Research Trust, Cancer Research UK and Refuge.


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